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Tuscany, located in central Italy makes for a perfect one or two day trip. Set off in your Luxury Minivan and discover the delights of this stunning region. Start in the city of Florence where art lovers will be enthralled to see Michelangelo's David at the Accademia Gallery. Then head off to Pisa for a selfie with the Leaning Tower as a backdrop.

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I normally only deal with the luxury collections from the two 'major' car rental companies. However,...

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A very good experience. the relation costs/performance is very good. don´t have to spend time on...

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Thank you Bruce for making this break unforgettable! Both he Ferrari 458 Italia and the Continental...

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Italy Luxury Van Rentals

Mercedes-Benz V-Class

Vehicle Specifications

  • Engine2.1 L Turbodiesel
  • BHP190
  • 0-100 km9.1 sec
  • Top speed207 km/h

Guaranteed modelupon booking

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Mercedes Vito

Vehicle Specifications

  • Engine2 L
  • BHP163
  • 0-100 km9.1 sec
  • Top speed207 km/h

Guaranteed modelupon booking

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Drive along the coast and soak up the natural beauty. The region offers a magnificent coastline with pristine beaches. Stop at Versilia beach, where massive rocky cliffs will surround you. Take a boat out to the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago, surrounded by lush Mediterranean vegetation and turquoise crystal-clear sea. Nature lovers must explore the protected areas like the Orbetello Lagoon, which is home to many species of migrant birds, including the elusive pink egrets.

Drive through quaint medieval villages where ancient castles, city walls and beautiful abbeys dot the countryside. Visit Vetulonia and Vulci where remains of the Etruscan civilization can be seen and Roselle and Cosa for a taste of the ancient Roman Era.

Now for the wine tasting! Head to the region known as Chianti and stop in at the Fattoria Viticcio. This family-run winery offers wine tasting every day of the week. Stroll through the magnificent vineyards, listen to a talk on how this iconic wine is made and try some for yourself. Make sure you buy a few bottles to take home.

To end your day, relax in a thermal water spa in Montecatini. The natural waters will calm your soul and rejuvenate your spirit.

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Top Gear

When the legendary motor show dedicated a special to the south of Spain, they relied on Europe Luxury Cars to supply some of the most prestigious vehicles the region has to offer. The special was aptly titled Supercars in Spain (Series 20, Episode 3) where Jeremy, James and Richard each did their best to make these supercars shine.

The Dictator

Sacha Baron Cohen’s film may well be classified as a satirical comedy, but if there is one thing that the fictitious dictator Gen. Aladeen takes very seriously, it’s his outrageous fleet of luxury cars. Our team at Europe Luxury Cars is proud to have been a key supplier of high-end (and sometimes over-the-top) cars for all scenes filmed in Europe.