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By Ethan Hews

Bergamo is a two hour trip from Lake Como. Enjoy a scenic drive, see and be seen in your exotic car.

For a classy car to match a classy lifestyle, exotic car rental in Lake Como offers you the perfect choice. Make a statement in a red Ferrari 458 Italia Spider. With a mid-rear engine with a retractable folding hard top, this premium car delivers unparalleled Spider performance and superb in-cabin comfort. For some fun that will delight the family, rent our Mini Cooper Clubman S. This perky little car offers 4-doors, a quirky personality and a cool driving experience.

Bergamo is a picture-perfect town nestling under the majestic Alps. Offering a 'Tale of Two Cities', it features a modern lower section called Città Bassa and an upper section rich in art, history and culture, called Città Alta.

Start your explorations in the Piazza Vecchia, the heart of the Old Town. It offers a fabulous display of medieval and Renaissance architecture. Take some selfies at the beautiful white marble Contarini fountain. Visit the Santa Maria Maggiore and the Colleoni Chapel. Then head for the Campanone, an age-old building with a surprising modern lift all in glass that takes you up to the top to see amazing views.

The bell in the Tower still rings out every night, with 180 rings! A funicular joins the two sides of the city and makes for a fun ride to get a bird's eye view. End your day at Giopi e Margi, a family run restaurant, loved by the locals, serving traditional Lombardy cuisine.

Driving an exclusive car need not be on your wish list, let us make it happen. Rent an exotic car in Lake Como for a real-life adventure.

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