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a day trip to ANTRO DEL CORCHIA

By Scott Jawns

Turn off the main road and head to a wonder of nature in Tuscany. The Antro del Corchia caves will awe with their hidden beauty.

For unparalleled style and elegance, exotic car rental in Tuscany offers a magnificent selection of high-end vehicles. Drive the stunning 2-seater Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, this prancing thoroughbred horse is designed for the racetrack but tamed for the road.

The Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder combines the drop top Spyder body style with a purist rear wheel drive. Nothing beats this beauty for an open air show-off factor and supreme performance.

Drive up the beautiful mountain road to Levigliani. Hidden high in the mountains is a massive cavern system spanning over 60km. The entrance is carved into a marble cave and you are faced with hundreds of stairs, so get ready and have warm clothing!

These karst caves were once quicksilver mines, where miners toiled for the valuable liquid mercury still hidden in the rocks. The caves offer scenes of extraordinary beauty. See the Galleria Franosa, the landslide gallery and the Galleria degli inglesi, the English gallery. An underground lake, the Laghetto del Venerdì will thrill and pictures must be taken at the amazing gallery of stalactites, the Galleria delle stalattiti. The caverns offer tunnels, canyons, magnificent waterfalls and rocks of the most glorious colours. When you exit, there is a fascinating museum to be explored to learn about the geological makeup of the caves and the story of the miners.

Exotic car rental in Tuscany adds a touch of luxury to your journey.

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