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Follow your instincts

By Brittany Nue

Snaking through the Dolomite mountains of northern Italy, are the beautiful natural surrounds of Lake Garda, sprinkled with many small and quaint cities, it offers a dream-like scenic drive. Rent a Bentley from Milan Linate Airport (LIN), to set yourself free rolling through this highly charming patch of Italian countryside.

Hire the Bentley Continental GT V8 S to travel aboard a powerful 4.0 liter V8 engine. The athletic agility of this car is felt acutely as it rounds itself around every hairpin bend on the highway. Likewise the Bentley Continental GT Speed appears to have an insatiable passion for life on the open road, racing the kilometers as if intending to pursue the horizon. At Lake Garda’s most northern edge, the body of water is narrow and deep, surrounded by the Dolomite mountains. At this end, the sport opportunities are sensational and will definitely get your adrenalin racing. Choose from sailing, kite surfing and windsurfing to mountain biking, hiking or climbing. As you travel down south along the Lake, into a warmer climate, the body of water widens as the waves gently roll into the shore lines of low lying hills.

In the Bentley Arnage rental take your time cruising through the many towns that are nestled into the southern banks of Lake Garda. Over the centuries the towns have all developed and cultivated their own distinct, yet colourful character. It is a real pleasure to see as many as you can, taking in the charismatic ambience of the pretty streets, cultural sites and their friendliness of the locals.

From Milan Linate Airport hire a Bentley to follow your instincts and the car’s passion for the road.

Bentley Rental in Milan Linate Airport, Italy

Bentley Azure T

Bentley Azure T Milan Linate Airport Rental

Enjoy old-fashioned luxury with Bentley’s Azure T high performance convertible GT

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Bentley Flying Spur

Bentley Flying Spur Milan Linate Airport Rental

Drive the ultimate luxury executive limousine with a Bentley Flying Spur rental

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Bentley Arnage

Bentley Arnage Milan Linate Airport Rental

Hire a Bentley Arnage for a spacious 4-door luxury car that is as powerful as it is noble and aristocratic. Makes a perfect wedding car

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Bentley Bentayga

New ArrivalBentley Bentayga Milan Linate Airport Rental

Don’t think the passengers are having all the fun when you hire this top luxury SUV, as the Bentayga is truly spectacular to drive

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Bentley Continental GT

Bentley Continental GT Milan Linate Airport Rental

Nothing says elegance and style like a Bentley Continental GT rental. Hire one anywhere in Europe for its unique qualities

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Bentley Continental GTC

Bentley Continental GTC Milan Linate Airport Rental

Renting a Bentley Continental GTC invites more attention than the GT, the cabrio version of the elegant supercar from Bentley

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Bentley Mulsanne

Bentley Mulsanne Milan Linate Airport Rental

Hire a Bentley Mulsanne to experience the leading luxury executive saloon from Bentley

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