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By Ethan Hews

Renowned for its beautiful setting, its architecture and its artwork, the capital of the region of Veneto, located on the Venetian Lagoon between the Po and Piave rivers, Venice is an enchanting and lovely city. Hire a Bentley from Venice Airport with our VIP ‘meet and greet’ service and tour the Veneto region.

Consider the Bentley Continental GTC, an elegant and powerful cabriolet, and travel through the beautiful hills of the Veneto region. Stop in the charming medieval village of Marostica and visit the Castello Inferiore, the lower castle, which guards the main entrance through the town walls. The castle sits on Piazza Castello, where you can see a huge chessboard laid out in paving stones used every two years when a medieval festival is held and a giant game of chess is played using human chess-pieces.From there, zigzag up the hill to the ruins of the Castello Superiore. Part of the upper castle houses a restaurant with a picturesque terrace and a garden.

Continue your journey towards Asolo, ‘the pearl of the Veneto’, aboard the Bentley Mulsanne and enjoy its imposing looks and impressive speed as you wind up the road immersed in the breathtaking scenery dominated by mediterranean flora of olive groves and cypresses. Asolo is one of the most beautiful and well preserved towns in Italy and it is full of delightful gardens and palatial villas. Visit the Palazzo della Ragione, the Town Museum, featuring paintings of renaissance artists, and The Cathedral. Immerse yourself into a burst of ancient houses as you walk along Robert Browning street and towards the Fontanella Zen and the Freya Stark house, a romantic landscaped garden that contains the remains of a roman theatre.

Travel back in time to the charming little villages of the Veneto region on a Bentley car hire from Venice.

Bentley Rental in Venice, Italy

Bentley Arnage

Bentley Arnage Venice Rental

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Bentley Bentayga

New ArrivalBentley Bentayga Venice Rental

Don’t think the passengers are having all the fun when you hire this top luxury SUV, as the Bentayga is truly spectacular to drive

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Bentley Flying Spur

Bentley Flying Spur Venice Rental

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Bentley Mulsanne

Bentley Mulsanne Venice Rental

Hire a Bentley Mulsanne to experience the leading luxury executive saloon from Bentley

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Bentley Continental GTC

Bentley Continental GTC Venice Rental

Renting a Bentley Continental GTC invites more attention than the GT, the cabrio version of the elegant supercar from Bentley

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Bentley Azure T

Bentley Azure T Venice Rental

Enjoy old-fashioned luxury with Bentley’s Azure T high performance convertible GT

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Bentley Continental GT

Bentley Continental GT Venice Rental

Nothing says elegance and style like a Bentley Continental GT rental. Hire one anywhere in Europe for its unique qualities

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