Rent 4x4 at Milan Linate Airport

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Take flight again

By Ethan Hews

Enjoy all the wealth and splendor that comes with a vacation to Northern Italy. On arrival at Milan Linate Airport (LIN) rent a luxury SUV to set across the Lombardy region. The robust enthusiasm of a 4 wheel drive car predisposes this category, as your vehicle of choice to enjoy all the beautiful scenery and adventurous terrain.

An Extensive Choice of SUVs

Rent a Mercedes G-Class, a large luxury van fitted with a refined cabin and comfortable seats. Enjoy an easy drive as it swiftly maneuvers itself through inner city streets and then takes on off road terrain with equitable grace and power. Take a powerful drive from the city center of Milan to Lake Como, a large and picturesque lake in the foothills of the Alpine ranges.

Hire the Range Rover Sport HSE, as it’s the perfect 5 seater SUV to discover the beauty of the Lombardy region. Enjoy the prestige and comfort of this Range Rover model as well as its compelling performance and off-road abilities.

Alternatively rent the highly desired Audi Q7 for the way it combines 4WD capabilities with the handling, technology and comfort that has given Audi its trademark reputation as a high class manufacturer of luxury vehicles.

Take in the full majestic beauty of the remote and faraway villages of Como, Menaggio, Bellagio and Varenna. Each continue to stand today in all their historic charm along the highways that encapsulates Italy’s Alps.

On descent at Milan Linate Airport hire a 4x4 SUV to take flight again to fly through this wonderful region.

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