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Follow the aroma of espresso

By Scott Jawns

Lush green gardens, snow capped mountains, charming little villages dotting the hills with pink and yellow houses and a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere have made of Lake Como the ultimate tranquil paradise for the rich and famous. George Clooney, Madonna, Donatella Versace and Sir Richard Branson have all owned villas in the idyllic northern Italy's Lake. Hire a Bentley in Lake Como and let our exclusive ‘meet and greet’ service roll out the red carpet for you.

Take a drive to the fishing village of Varenna aboard the grandiose Bentley Grand Convertible, offering effortless performance delivered by Bentley’s legendary 6¾-litre twin-turbo V8 engine and unequalled style provided by its luxurious interior. Walk around the picturesque narrow streets below the village’s castle and along the lakeside walking path.

Winding through the roads, enjoy the feel of the wind in your hair aboard the Continental GT Speed Convertible, the fastest Bentley convertible model yet and visit one of the most beautiful towns in Europe, Bellagio. Known as the pearl of the lake, Bellagio has breathtaking views, stupendous homes and villas, century-old buildings, picturesque cobbled streets filled with shops offering the finest Italian wares. Walk around following the wonderful aroma of espresso, or soak up the famous panorama as you savour the fresh fruit flavours of gelato. Bellagio offers world class hotels, like The Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni, one of the oldest and most elegant hotels in the area.

Hire a Bentley in Lake Como and let the smell of coffee guide you through the charming villages down to the most magnificent lake in Italy.

Bentley Rental in Lake Como, Italy

Bentley Azure T

Bentley Azure T Lake Como Rental

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Bentley Bentayga

New ArrivalBentley Bentayga Lake Como Rental

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Bentley Mulsanne

Bentley Mulsanne Lake Como Rental

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Bentley Arnage

Bentley Arnage Lake Como Rental

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Bentley Continental GTC

Bentley Continental GTC Lake Como Rental

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Bentley Flying Spur

Bentley Flying Spur Lake Como Rental

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Bentley Continental GT

Bentley Continental GT Lake Como Rental

Nothing says elegance and style like a Bentley Continental GT rental. Hire one anywhere in Europe for its unique qualities

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