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A five star driving experience

By Brittany Nue

The Bentley Bentayga is unlike any SUV you have driven! Choose this luxurious car for your road trip in Italy.

Start off in Turin, a city that nestles below the towering Alps, known for magnificent ancient palaces and world famous cuisine. Plan a drive to Modena to explore the Italian Motor valley – a must for any car enthusiast. The journey is a distance of around 300km via Parma through the scenic rolling hills and valleys of northern Italy.

Turin-Caselle Airport lies about 16 km north of the city. With our VIP car rental service, there will be no stress with your travel arrangements. Simply relax in the VIP lounge, enjoy an espresso and a slice of Tiramisu.

Our Meet and Greet Team will find you there and escort you to your Bentley Bentayga. You will never have to search for us, stand in queues or fill in reams of paperwork. Our 5-star service is designed to match your upmarket lifestyle. And, we always deliver the exact model you ordered – there will be no disappoints nor surprises.

Turin, a city of beautiful plazzas

After settling into the exclusive Turin Palace Hotel, enjoy a drive in your Bentley Bentayga to visit the Basilica of Superga. This 1700’s hilltop church with a basilica dome offers panoramic views overlooking the Alps. Next is a visit to La Venaria Reale, a huge restored palace and garden complex where you can take a guided tour.

Stylish Family Trip

Your Bentley Bentayga is a front-engine, all-wheel drive SUV with a powerful twin-turbo 6.0-Litre W12 engine and an 8-speed automatic transmission. Models can accommodate 4 or 5 people. The driver has a stylish and relaxed drive with Driver Assist Features which include Stop Start Technology Mulliner Driving Specifications and a Multifunction Navigation Display. The interior is beautifully crafted with hand stitched leather seating. A silent ride is assured with double-glazed windows while passengers are entertained by the cutting-edge Infotainment Systems. Enjoy a unique experience when you use the special Event Seat that slides out at the back of the car. Sit and relax and enjoy the stunning scenery. The seat offers luxurious comfort in a diamond quilted leather finish.




Drive to Parma for a late lunch

Head east to Parma on the E70, on a two and a half hour’s drive, for world famous prosciutto, Parmesan cheese and Lambrusco wine. You can test out the features of your classy SUV on the way. The Bentley Bentayga sets new standards for SUV models and is in a class of its own. It attains top speeds of 301km/h and sprints from 0 to 100km/h in only 4.1 seconds.

When you arrive, relax at a traditional café and order the special of the day. Try a plate of Agnolotti pasta, filled with ricotta, puréed vegetables or roasted meat. After your meal in Parma, explore the beautiful San Paolo Monastery. This Benedictine monastery complex features 16th century frescoes by Antonio Correggio.

Straight to Modena

Your road trip continues on an hour’s drive to the city of Modena, a car enthusiast’s dream. Here you will find museums, shows and exhibitions showcasing famous brands like Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati. Stop at the Museo Casa Ferrari. This astounding building is easily seen by the iconic yellow colour that matches the background of the Prancing Horse logo. Join a tour and learn all about Enzo Ferrari and his passion for building fast cars. You can walk through Enzo’s house and see explore some of the rooms. Then be thrilled by the car exhibition that is laid out in a massive 2500 square metre pavilion.

Visit the Lamborghini Museum

Set off for another car thrill – a 30 minute drive to Sant’Agata Bolognese takes you to the awesome Lamborghini Museum. Explore and learn about the beginnings of the brand with Ferruccio, the early models like the 350 GT, the Miura and the current Formula 1 racing cars. Car lovers will be wowed by the exhibitions of the main stages of technological development including 4x4, aluminium, carbon fibre and hybrid. You can also take a guided tour of the production lines in the original factory that is perfectly preserved. Meet the skilled craftsmen and watch a step by step assembly of the amazing V12 Aventador. Before you leave, make sure you pick up a personalised souvenir to take home.

After a fun filled day, drive back to Modena and spend the night at the elegant Hotel Castello, located in a magnificent old castle-style building. It is only 4km away from Modena’s Historic Centre which you can explore on your way out in the morning, before driving back to Turin.  

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