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Taste the traditional food in Sardinia

By Scott Jawns

Sardinia offers an earthy array of foods that may surprise, but the worldly traveller will be tempted to taste.

Bentley car rental in Sardinia will match your unique frame of mind when you next arrange vacation transport.

The prestigious limited edition Continental GT3-R is the most uncompromising and focused road car Bentley has ever produced. Dynamic, expensive and totally superior, it is waiting for you in Sardinia. Peerless comfort, exquisitely hand crafted, take time to reflect as you cruise in a Bentley Mulsanne Speed. It is a rare driving experience.

Suckling Pig is the national dish of Sardinia, usually cooked over an open fire with myrtle branches for flavour. Taste some Zuppa Gallurese, a stale flatbread, sheep broth, sheep meat and oodles of Pecorino Sardo cheese. This cheese, made from Sardinian sheep milk and curdled using lamb stomach enzymes also makes a great snack. Its rich flavour is fabulous when consumed in bite size chunks with pane carasau. Be brave and order cavallo. It is horse meat and is found on most restaurant menus. Wash it all down with Mirto fatto in casa, a popular liqueur made from myrtle berries.

Hire a Bentley in Sardinia for a drive that demands reflection on who you are.

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