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A day in Verona…

By Scott Jawns

A day in Verona is best experienced driving a Bentley. Discover the palaces, cathedrals, piazzas and plazas, the food and wine, the golden mile of its high class shopping strips, the medieval old town and its narrow cobblestone alleys, the artisans and craftwork, the museums and the galleries filled with the greatest hallmarks of European masterworks. Hire a Bentley in Verona for a day to go a bit like this…

Arrive at Verona-Villafranca Airport (VRN) and have the keys to the Bentley GT V8 S in the winter or the convertible in the summer, handed over to you the moment you walk out of the terminal. In the powerful V8 motor, watch the sun rise over the eastern hilltops of Padua and Vicenza as you head north towards Verona’s city center. On entering the city make breakfast your first stop at Osteria Pigna, the prefered favourite of the locals, a testament to its superior food and service. Its proximity to Duomo is just another advantage, Duomo, a must see location, is a twelfth century cathedral that is striking to the eye, the artwork found in its labyrinths is astounding.

Get back behind the wheel of the Bentley GT and make your next destination a drive over Museo di Castelvecchio. Currently a museum built in to the 14th century bridge over the River Adige. Still bristling with battlements, a testament to its significant role in Verona’s history. Over the bridge and through the maze of streets, arrive at the ancient Roman arena, built in the 1st century A.D. it is awesome to behold living history on this size and scale. Still used today, sitting over 30,000 it is the perfect atmosphere for an open air opera.

Unable to distinguish between the engine’s growl and that of your stomach? Head towards Filippini for lunch, its legacy since 1901 has established it as the hippest joint in town. The house speciality is a killer cocktail of vermouth, gin, lemon and ice. Surely, it’s not too early for a strong drink??

With the day halfway through, you may well need to extend your Bentley Verona hire to another day or make it the week? A city this fascinating must be savoured.

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