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Visit the Bratislava castle

By Scott Jawns

There is no shortage of beautiful castles in Slovakia. Add the stunning Bratislava Castle to your list.

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Our Range Rover Vogue offers a bold evolution of an iconic design. Spacious, comfortable and endlessly stylish, this is a car to be experienced at least once. Add some pizazz to your holiday trip with our BMW X6. Powerful and athletic, it combines the presence of an X model and the sportiness of a coupé.

The castle rises magnificently above the River Danube and is almost a fantasy palace with white and gold halls, shimmering marble and red carpets. Stroll through the galleries which display archaeology finds, art works and a WWI exhibition. This ancient castle has been inhabited for thousands of years from the Celts and Romans to the present day Slovaks. Over the centuries, the castle has been destroyed and rebuilt many times resulting in a fabulous historical array of different architectural styles. Enjoy the spectacular views of Bratislava and cruise ships from the top of the castle.

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