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Architectural Marvels in Bratislava

By Ethan Hews

Bratislava offers architecture ranging from medieval to ultramodern.

Luxury car rental in Bratislava offers a fabulous choice of superior cars to explore this fascinating city.

For ultimate luxury, drive our distinguished Rolls-Royce Phantom. In the words of Giles Taylor, Director of Design, 'It has a sense of purpose, a simple clarity and effortless poise'. Our Porsche Cayenne is a mid-size luxury crossover perfect for a family. Spacious and stylish with sporty contoured wings, it radiates enthusiasm for the road.

The history of this city is depicted in its varying architecture. From medieval to ultramodern, its spans the ages. Stroll along the narrow winding cobblestone streets in the Old Town past pastel coloured 18th century buildings. See the industrial influence in the design of the National Slovak Theatre called Warehouse no 7. Admire the Slovak Radio Building, designed in the amazing shape of an inverted pyramid. Then head for the Danube and cross it in style over the magnificent flying saucer shaped, SNP bridge. Stop for lunch at the UFO restaurant on the top of the bridge, it has panoramic views and fabulous food.

Add a wow-factor to your holiday, rent a luxury vehicle in Bratislava. Allow our superb Meet and Greet Service to welcome you at Bratislava Airport (BTS) with the keys to your car.

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