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Touring South of Spain in a luxury Van

By Ethan Hews

Have you ever thought about renting a luxury van for a vacation with the family or a group of friends? Our range of high-end vans offer space, power and configurable seating for a fun experience. Start your road trip in Alicante, a vibrant city boasting sun-kissed beaches, lively entertainment, superb food, arts, culture and ancient history. Then set off to explore southern Spain on an adventure that will be remembered forever.

Start your Spanish vacation with the taste of Tapas

The Mercedes V-Class AMG MPV offers 8 seats that can be arranged at the touch of a button to suit your needs. It is powered by a 2.1-Litre V4 engine and a 6-speed manual gearbox. Features include 7G-TRONIC PLUS for urban, extra-urban and combined fuel consumption. Passengers enjoy a quality Burmester Surround Sound System, individual Seat Climatisation and Touch Screen Infotainment. The driver is totally relaxed with a City Parking Package and Intelligent Drive Systems. Cutting-edge Driver Assist features like Collision Prevent and Lane Assist add to the overall feeling of safety. There is ample luggage space for 7 cases and sports gear. Set off to tempt your taste buds with the most famous of all Spanish traditional dishes – Tapas! Enjoy a one hour scenic drive to Torrevieja, a city known for its ‘Tapas Routes’. Spend the day stopping at quaint restaurants along the route and sampling their unique tapas specialities. The owners will be delighted to share their secrets with you. From shrimp to pork, cured meats to spicy meatballs, fresh and roasted vegetables, sausages and cheese, there is something for everyone.

Get to the Costa Blanca with a Volkswagen Transporter

Join the jet setters and cruise around the Costa Blanca in a stylish Volkswagen Transporter. You have the luxury of ample space, a powerful engine and configurable seating – all making a super fun ride for a large group. This model offers space for up to eleven people and loads of luggage. The durable upholstery is designed for frequent entry and exit. There is a sound-absorbing rubber floor in the passenger compartment that is easy to wash when its gets muddy or dusty on your travels. This is a party bus for a cool and trendy road trip in Alicante. Explore the scenic Costa Blanca, filled with pristine beaches and quaint villages. Head inland to see caves, pine forests and miles of orchards. Stop at traditional cafés and learn all about Tapas and wine! Alicante and the surrounding countryside is packed full of history, culture, beauty and a vibrant Spanish vibe. Rent a Volkswagen Transporter and add the final touch to your road trip.

Planning a long road trip is easy when you drive in a luxury van. It offers ample space for passengers, luggage and sports equipment. The perfect vehicle to discover the Costa Blanca.

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