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A unique swim in San Sebastian

By Ethan Hews

Collect your Luxury Mercedes Van Rental at Bilbao Airport. Our superb Meet and Greet Service will accommodate your every need. Simply load up the family and luggage and head off to San Sebastián for a fabulous day trip before returning to Bilbao.

Our Mercedes Luxury Vans For Hire

Let us recommend you the rental of a Mercedes V-Class or Mercedes Vito. Both luxury vans are ideal rental options to enjoy a most comfortable trip with a group of people. While driving a Mercedes Luxury Van, you are sure to enjoy the best in terms of performance, comfort and safety. All you need to do is call us now to book in advance your Mercedes Luxury Van. We will wait for you and deliver it at Bilbao Airport.

Best Drive to San Sebastian

Take the wheel of your Mercedes V-Class rental and head eastwards through the little towns of Eibar and Zarautz. You will arrive in San Sebastián in about an hour or so. It has the most fabulous in-city beach, Playa de la Concha, surrounded by stunning historical buildings, making this the most unique swim in the world!

Visit the lively Parte Vieja, Old Town, where you will find the popular pintxo bars and quirky shops. Head south of the Parte Vieja to the commercial and shopping district, the Centro Romántico. On the east side of the river explore the district of Gros, with the world famous surfing beach, Playa de Gros. Then take a drive along the west side of the river and be awed at the luxurious homes on millionaire's' belt.

San Sebastián is known for its glorious food. Michelin Stars abound and the quality is superb. Have a late breakfast at La Vida and then set off to see the Aquarium. If you enjoy an adrenaline rush, visit the Amusement Park or try some water skiing in the La Concha Bay. Take a hike to see the Statue of Christ on the top of the mountain.

Then settle down in a Pintxos or tapas bar.They are legendary. Order these little snacks hot or cold and wash them down with a Kalimotxo, a local drink that is made with 50% wine and 50% Coca-Cola.

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