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Visit Malaga and Marbella

By Ethan Hews

The beautiful Costa del Sol stretches for over 150 km along the southern Spanish coast. Hire a Luxury Van and explore. Collect your elite vehicle in Marbella and start your explorations in the city. Visit the Old Town and Orange Square, full of history dating back to 1600 BC. See the Moorish castle and the historical old quarter with its flower filled balconies and narrow streets. Cruise along the Golden Mile and marvel at the luxurious residences of the rich and famous like King Fahd.

Art lovers cannot miss the Museo Ralli. This superb private art museum exhibits paintings by Salvador Dalí and sculptures by Henry Moore. See works by Joan Miró, Chagall and Chirico.

Now set off along the coast to Málaga, the one hour drive offers stunning scenery and photos must be taken! Málaga offers a rich historic and cultural vibe with a 'mile of art' that will delight. Visit the Alcazaba, a Moorish castle built in the 11th century. Climb up past the ramparts to the Moorish Palace at the top to get excellent views of the city and the lush gardens. Visit the Roman Theatre and the magnificent Malaga Cathedral. Picasso was born here and a visit to his Birthplace and the Museum is a must.

Relax and soak up the sun on the lovely La Malagueta Beach and then sit at the famous chiringuito, a beach restaurant called El Tintero. Enjoy the fun, there is no menu and the waiters sing out what they are carrying. You may get lucky and be offered a fresh plate of seafood paella and a glass of Sangria.

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