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Be enthralled by the iconic museo Guggenheim

By Brittany Nue

Frank Gehry's spectacular twisting titanium-clad modern art museum is an iconic landmark that will enthral you. This spectacular building boosted Bilbao out of its post-industrial depression.

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Be amazed at the inspired use of cliffs, promontories, flowing canopies, towers, ship shapes and flying fins that make up the design of this unique building. Inside you can see permanent exhibits that are quite extraordinary. Wonders such as mazes of metal and phrases of light reaching for the skies will enchant you. See the fountain sculpture that randomly fires off jets of water and Jeff Koons’ Puppy, a 12m-tall Highland terrier made up of thousands of blooming begonias.

Business or pleasure, convertible rental at Bilbao Airport allows you to stand apart from the crowd.

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