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Reflect in the cathedral of St James, Bilbao

By Scott Jawns

Bilbao offers the beautiful Cathedral of St. James, spend an afternoon and reflect in this stunning venue.

Hire a supercar at Bilbao Airport, our professional Meet and Greet Service will make the process easy and simple.

Be seen and be envied! Our Maserati Quattroporte is a four-door sports luxury saloon produced by the Italian car manufacturer. The name translated from Italian literally means 'four doors' and the drive is superlative and powerful. Slip behind the wheel of our McLaren P1. This limited production plug-in hybrid supercar makes a superior impression.

The Cathedral is built in 14th century Gothic style and is named after Bilbao's patron saint. See the Neo Gothic tower and the beautiful main façade. Walk in the Plaza de Santiago, Luis Paret designed its lovely fountain. It has an inscription 'Por el bien público', meaning 'For the good of the people'. An interesting custom is the addition of stone carvings of local merchants along the buttresses. Then head for Bermeo in the Hotel Ercilla. This trendy hot-spot offers a signature dish of European lobster sautéed with bacon and melon slices in sweet wine cream.

Supercar rental at Bilbao Airport has one day, two day, one week and other bespoke options to meet your unique requirements.

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