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visit the bullfighting museum in Bilbao

By Scott Jawns

When in Bilbao, visit the Museo Taurino, the Bullfighting Museum. It highlights the role bullfighting played in the Basque Country.

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The Museo Taurino was opened in 1995. The collection traces the fascinating history of bullfighting in Bilbao and in the province of Biscay. See the display of ornate bullfighting outfits, flowing capes, swords and other tools used by famous matadors. Buy a souvenir of a bullfighting posters for a 'Corridas' and admire real ones from the 14th century. Stroll through the bullring, the bullfighters' locker room and the corral, there won't be any real bulls!

Bilbao offers the traveller a fascinating holiday venue. Hire a sports car at Bilbao Airport for your next vacation.

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