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Living this good shouldn’t be legal

By Ethan Hews

From luxury resorts to 5 star hotels, Michelin starred restaurants, atmospheric fine dining to wellness centers that have mastered the art of pampering body, mind and soul. Dress up for a night of lively entertainment or dress down for a day along Marbella’s shoreline.

Discover a wealth of history, art and culture by the city’s ancient port or be at the forefront of fashion and design along the boulevard’s strips.

However you do it, living this good shouldn’t be legal, rent a supercar in Costa del Sol to skirt the law.

Ultimate Supercar Drive

Relentlessly fast drive the ultimate supercar, the McLaren 570S rental that manages to leave other sports cars in its dust. In the historical center of Malaga, make your destination the Vincci Posada del Patio a newly constructed 5 star hotel, it boasts a refined quality interiors and an avant garde style that is highly specialised.

Rent the ravishing performance driven Mercedes AMG GT or one of its greatest competitors the Audi R8 for a time that will move you beyond the parameters of expectation. Have a meal of gastronomic excellence at Messina restaurant, the creative signature cuisine is a delightful experimentation of new flavours, textures and all beautifully presented.

Breath in the deep wine scented aroma’s, view the panoramic sights of the mediterranean bay and taste the full bodied cuisine. Indulge the body with a supercar rental in Costa del Sol and let your senses do all the work.

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