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Making an impact in Mallorca

By Ethan Hews

Make your stay in Mallorca mean something, in this exceptionally glamorous and stunning island make your holiday in Majorca be the hallmark which all other vacations measure up to compare.

Rent a supercar from Palma Airport and set across its many historical sites and trendy locations making the occasion truly unforgettable.

Our Mercedes Supercars

In the ultimate Mercedes supercar hire the Mercedes AMG GT. Boasting a distinct long bonnet, this two-seater coupe powered by a V8 twin-turbo engine is agile, sharp and very pleasant to drive. Once seated, you will admire the modern interior, note the low seating and the firm and supportive seats of this high-performance car. Also on offer, you may also try out the Mercedes AMG GT Roadster unless you would rather drive a Mercedes AMG GTS.

Travel deep into the cultural and wealthy heartland of Mallorca by spending a day’s shopping spree in the Passeig des Born. Constructed in the 19th century, its architectural designer converted what was once a dried up riverbed into an expensive, alluring and highly captivating shopping district in wonderful view of the long avenue of trees that leads up to its main entrance. Boasting world class boutique shops, cafes and bars, the hours all too easily slip away here as you embrace your inner sense of style.

Best Driving Experiences

Rent the McLaren 675LT and set for the driving performance of a true supercar. You will love its precision and agility.

No less, the Lamborghini Huracan is a highly sought after supercar, the car of choice for the world’s celebrities, undoubtedly for its breathtaking performance. In the Lamborghini hire make your presence known at the prestigious and trendy Tito’s nightclub. With the exceptionally modern décor, eclectic style of music tastes and exotic choice of cocktails, it has come to be known as one of Mallorca’s most trendy bar and nightclub.

Ferrari fans will love driving a Ferrari 488, available as coupe or convertible and for those who desire to go the full way, then what would you say about driving a Ferrari 812 Superfast or maybe a Ferrari 488 Pista?

Just name your favorite model and we will do our utmost to have it delivered to you at Palma Airport or at your five-star hotel in Mallorca. 

Make your stay in Mallorca unforgettable, start with a supercar hire from Palma Airport and the rest will follow through.

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