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Let your heart find its origins

By Nicole Harris

From Palma Airport hire a sport car to travel the stretch of highway that leads to the medieval mansion of Son Marroig. Built in 1276, in the grand architectural style of that period, in the 19th century it was acquired by Austrian aristocrat Archduke Ludwig Salvator. At present, the building and it surrounds still possesses much of its inherent beauty, with modern restorations that have down well to perpetuate its original elegance.

Enjoy a Fast Drive

In the audaciously fast and utterly unrepentant Porsche 911 GT3 rental, drive what is incredibly a road legal race car for a truly enthralling time. On a minor, you might also be tempted by the seductive Porsche 718 Cayman or the 718 Boxster, its convertible counterpart. 

The Ferrari Portofino hire offers the chance to drive a sports car cabriolet, that those in the industry consider no less than a masterful work of art. Yet if living on the edge is what you after, the only car that can truly satisfy is a BMW rental, then book a BMW M5, this super sporty sedan takes to the road possessed.

A Fabulous Day-Trip

Hop behind the wheel of your unique BMW M5 and drive towards Son Marroig, bring a picnic lunch and a bottle of Sauvignon blanc to enjoy amidst the lush green gardens that offer breathtaking views over the Mediterranean sea. Take a tour the museum, showcasing relics from the lifetime of Ludwig Salvator, who developed an immense admiration towards the island and spent his lifetime excavating much of its surrounds.

Hire a sports car from Palma Airport and let your heart find its origins amidst the natural serenity of Mallorca.

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