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A Stylish and Fun Ride in Mallorca

By Nicole Harris

The main gateway to the Island of Mallorca is to fly to Palma Airport, AKA  Son Sant Joan Airport, and from there find any kind of transportation to one of the hotels or resorts in Mallorca.

However, if you're looking for a good start for your vacation in Mallorca, hire a luxury SUV at Palma Airport and drive to Palma and Mallorca in Style.

Our Selection of Top SUVs for Hire

Among our wide range of models, let us recommend you a few SUVs which you might take into consideration for your next holiday in Mallorca.

The Range Rover Sport, a luxury 4 wheel-drive SUV for five people, combines stylish exterior looks with a lavish and roomy interior as well as a potent engine. The perfect rental option to drive all the family in style. 

Likewise, we can also offer you to rent a 7 seater Audi Q7 or BMW X7, both deliver a sporty and smooth drive whereas an elegant Porsche Cayenne or Mercedes GLE will do wonders for you as well. 

Yet, if you have set your mind on a Jeep, then hire the iconic Jeep Wrangler, available as a 3 or 5 doors or the larger Jeep Grand Cherokee, if you need more space. 

Majorca is a known preferred tourist destination and so during the summer Palma de Mallorca airport becomes one of the busiest airports in Europe. Therefore, please book your SUV at Sant Joan airport as early as possible.

Rent one of our 4x4 at Palma Airport and enjoy a stylish car during your holiday in Mallorca.

Frequent Questions

What is the cost to rent a 4x4 at Palma Airport for a day?

Heading off on a rugged road trip with the family or group of friends? We recommend the tough and stylish British Land Rover Discovery at a daily cost of around 295 Euros. This cutting-edge SUV is at home both in the city and on the country roads. Also available and highly recommended is the Jeep Grand Cherokee at a very attractive price of about 200 Euros per day. This award winning SUV, drips with attitude and is ready to take on any challenge.

Alternatively, splash out and enjoy the excitement of Mercedes. We offer the fabulous Mercedes GLE, a powerful and dynamic SUV at a very affordable cost of around 295 Euros per day.

At around 295 Euros per day, you can drive the family in a stunning Audi Q7. This compact luxury crossover offers a high-tech interior with adjustable seat configurations.

Unleash the power of the stunning BMW X6, it offers the presence of an X model with the sportiness of a coupé. Cost starts at around 330 Euros per day.

Prices can vary depending on whether you are renting the car in or out of the high tourist season.

How do I rent a 4x4 at Palma Airport?

With Rent a Car 4x4 Munich Airport Service, it is extremely easy to book a luxury drive for your next holiday. There are two options to book the car of your dreams. Select the model you want on our website, complete the Get a Quote Form and a consultant will call you back. Alternatively, call us directly.

We will inform you about all you need to know regarding the price of the vehicle, the documents you have to provide and the contract to be signed. Then, relax in the VIP arrivals lounge, enjoy a plate of tapas and our Meet and Greet team will find you there.  

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