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Live the dream in a sportscar

By Nicole Harris

Set yourself racing down Switzerland’s highways in a sports car rental from Zurich Airport. Fast, dynamic and powerful, sports cars hold a special place in the heart of car enthusiasts everywhere. Live the dream and hire your sportcar from Zurich airport. Life is short, make the most of it.

Our Sportscar hire range is nothing short than sensational. Some examples of our elite fleet include the aggressive Audi R8, famous for having won the 24 hours of Le Mans race no less than 5 times. The Bugatti available in the exclusive Veyron, is not normally accessible for most, with a 2 million dollar price tag. The powerful Porsche Boxster, as a two seater cabriolet, it’s a feisty performance machine. Last, but hardly least, one must mention in any selection of sports cars the Ferrari, and in the 458 Italia rental it is truly formidable. Personality is inscribed into its design lines, it builds up speed like it was born for the road.

In the inner city roads of Zurich, the sports car finds perfect expression. Have your sports car rental delivered to you at Zurich Airport and head towards the old town on either side of the River Limmat. There are many bars and cafes waiting for you to discover, that are tucked away into the streets of Niederdorfstrasse and Oberdorfstrasse. The nightlife is spotted to the west of the Hauptbahnhof in the fourth and fifth districts, around Langstrasse. Zurich’s night clubs are certainly worth the trail of discovery, as they will keep you dancing to a vibrant beat until the early rays of the morning sun.

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