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By Nicole Harris

Steeped in history and located in a picture-postcard Swiss village of Zermatt, the Whymper-Stube cannot be missed.

Travel in style and class, Exotic car rental in Zermatt is for the driver with a vision.

The stunning Porsche Cayman S draws its power from a 3.4 litre flat-six engine with direct fuel injection. Drive this low, sleek, 2-door beauty in bold red and be noticed! Innovation means doing something different. Rent our LaFerrari and take your driving experience to a new level. This enticing car offers an eye-catching style, massive power and some of the most advanced technical solutions ever engineered.

Located at the Hotel Monte Rosa, this fabulous little restaurant is set in a white washed building adorned with old red wooden shutters. If the weather is good, sit outside and be enthralled by the scenery of towering snow-capped Matterhorn, mountains, if the weather is cold, cuddle up inside in front of a log burning fire place.

The Whymper-Stube is named after Edward Whymper, the first man to reach the Matterhorn summit in 1865 and resounds with history and stories of hardship, heartbreak and glory. The food is old-fashioned and hearty. Plates are piled high with traditional Swiss fare. Try the raclette, a cow's milk cheese dish, also known locally as roasted cheese. The group of friends will love to dip into a delicious pot of melted fondue with three different cheeses. End off with their signature dessert of meringue and cream.

Hire an exotic car in Zermatt and experience the thrill of Alpine delights.

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