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The secrets of Zurich

By Scott Jawns

Our luxury car hire service offers a selection of the most exclusive and elite luxury rental cars. No matter your car preference, we have the wish list covered. From SUVs to convertibles, executive sedans to supercars the selection is mixed and varied. Rent a luxury car on your arrival at Zurich Airport, to ensure the success of your stay in this wealthy and prestigious city.

Boost your stay in Zurich

Our fleet of British luxury cars include the Bentley (the favourites being the Continental GT, and the Flying Spur), Rolls Royce, Jaguar and the Aston Martin. German luxury cars (as it happens the most sought after) include the BMW, Audi, Mercedes and the Porsche.

Whilst Italian luxury cars (known for their exuberant flashy style) are of course the Ferrari and Lamborghini. This is just a small selection, the comprehensive list is far more extensive and exciting. It is certainly worth a perusal to pursue your curiosity.

Fabulous day trips 

Once in Zurich Airport, the city of Zurich and the nearby local districts are all accessible once in your luxury car hire. We recommend a day trip to Einsiedeln or Solothurn, two both very lovely townships, where you can wander through the ancient relics that date back to the roman period.

Within the city of Zurich itself, stay at the Widder Hotel and visit Augustinergasse in the Lindenhof quarter, bearing many ornate features that date back to the 17th century. A perfect destination in the Autumn time, slip into one of the many bistros and watch the golden leaves flitter through the streets whilst sipping on a steaming cappuccino.

From a great choice of elite vehicles, rent a luxury car from Zurich Airport and discover the best kept secrets of this magical location.



Frequent Questions

How do I rent a luxury car at Zurich Airport?

Rent a Luxury Car Zurich Airport Service offers two easy ways to book the perfect car for your vacation, honeymoon or grand occasion. Select the model you want on our website, complete the Get a Quote Form and a consultant will speedily call you back. If you prefer, call us directly and we will give you all the information you need.

How much does it cost to rent a luxury car at Zurich Airport?

We offer an exciting choice of exquisite models for your trip in Switzerland.

The Mercedes GLE is the perfect choice for a family embarking on a long road trip. Its superior power will thrill the driver and the in cabin comforts will delight the passengers. It has a cost of around 295 Euros per day. Also ideal for a larger group is the awe-inspiring Range Rover Autobiography, perfectly designed and crafted to combine capability and style. It will cost you more or less 450 Euros per day. Also in the SUV range is the BMW X5, extremely powerful with a front engine and four-wheel-drive. It costs more or less 295 Euros per day.

The Audi A7 sedan offers an exquisitely sculpted design and a comprehensive suite of the latest technological features. Show off in this stylish luxury car at a cost of around 275 Euros per day.

For an anniversary, honeymoon or engagement couple wanting to add a thrill to their trip, nothing beats the seductive Porsche 911 Carrera S. It has a daily cost of around 490 Euros.






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