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By Scott Jawns

What is the best supercar? Like most good questions, it is also a really difficult question. There are many critical factors that make a supercar, obviously power and speed is at the top of that list, but the handling and maneuverability is important, as well as the reaction to acceleration. First impressions make a big impact though, so a futuristic appearance also helps. On arrival at Zurich airport hire a supercar, our fleet of supercar vehicles is the ultimate answer to the best supercar question. Here is just sneak preview to pique your curiosity.

The Zonda Revolucion has been engineered with cutting edge technology and an appearance that anticipates speed even whilst standing still. The most recent 2013 version is made of a carbon titanium body having the effect of making the Zonda hire lighter and thereby faster. The Porsche 911 GT3 rental is a true automotive icon, having been celebrated numerous times in different configurations and models, each more powerful than the next. Rent the ultimate evolution in the Porsche 911 GT3 and you will be driving a sports super car, that was originally designed for the racing tracks. The Ford GT only ever made available in limited production, makes this a beast of the street, with incredible technical capability and immense power and speed. Having revolutionised the supercar industry on first release, without a doubt, it certainly makes the high rankings of our best supercar selection.

The best thing about our supercar list, unlike others, is that you can actually get behind the wheel of our top selection and drive off to your destination in Switzerland, be it Geneva, Lugano, Lausanne or Berne. Be spontaneous, hit the highways with your supercar rental from Zurich Airport.

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