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Enjoy a day trip to Lago Iseo

By Scott Jawns

It takes less than an hour to drive to this elegant little town, which is 27km from Bergamo. It is on the edge of the beautiful romantic lake.

Not everyone gets the opportunity to drive an exclusive car. Supercar rental in Bergamo offers a stunning range of mind-blowing vehicles.

Be brave and drive our Lamborghini Superleggera. This iconic car is for a rare driver. Low, sleek, superbly designed and harnessing supreme power, you need to try this once in your lifetime! Our fabulous Ferrari FF, two Fs for Four seater and Four wheel drive, will accommodate a larger group, without compromising on the luxurious driving experience you expect from a supercar.

Enjoy the magnificent setting of the spectacular Monte Isola, the biggest lake island in Europe. See Samico, at the foot of the lake on its western shore where it joins the River Oglio. It is delightful to walk along Via Garibaldi at the side of the lake and admire the view. Explore the medieval town and then hire a ferry for a trip to visit Montisola, a quaint little island. On your return, enjoy a great meal at Piazza Vecchia. Grab an outside table in summer or opt for the noble 15th century interior, with its polished tile floors and rich linen.

Join the elite set, hire a sports car in Bergamo for the ultimate show-off factor.

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