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Take a day trip to lake como

By Ethan Hews

Lake Como offers fresh air, stunning little towns and makes for a great day trip from Bergamo.

Set off in your Luxury Van and head north, the drive is through beautiful scenery and will take about two hours.

Lake Como lies in the shadow of the snow covered Rhaetian Alps. This spectacular lake is shaped like an L, with little towns dotted around its banks. Start off in Como itself, it offers a fabulous 14th century Gothic Renaissance Cathedral. Then take the funicular railway up to Brunate and visit the Volta Lighthouse. From its heights, it offers some of the best views of Lake Como. See the War Memorial and the ruins of the City Walls which surround the winding, narrow streets of the Old Town.

Visit Tremezzo, a beautiful little town with the Villa Carlotta, a splendid botanical garden. Drive to Nesso, a very small town about half way between Como and Bellagio on the western leg of the lake where you can see a fabulous waterfall.

Historians must see Varenna, it has the remains of a Vezio castle that offers remarkable views from high up on the hills.

After the driving, park your van and set off on a small boat. It will stop at many little towns on the banks of the Lake and give you a different view. Sports lovers can swim, dive and take part in adrenalin pumping water sports or a horse ride along the banks.

Relax with a glass of wine at one of the local cafés at the water's edge. A plate of fresh fish from the Lake is a must!

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