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Venice to Modena in an Audi Q7

By Ethan Hews

A Fabulous Road Trip to Modena

After spending time sailing down the canals of Venice, a road trip to Modena in the Italian Motor Valley is a great way to end your vacation. It is particularly fascinating for car enthusiasts as this was the birthplace of both the iconic Ferrari and Lamborghini brands.

Your trip is a distance of around 195 km and takes you through the ancient city or Padua, on to Bologna and ends in Modena. Travelling with a family or group of friends need not be an uncomfortable and cramped experience.

The stunning Audi Q7 is a powerful SUV with 3 rows of seating for up to 7 people. By using the cutting-edge App, seating can be arranged into different configurations to suit your specific needs. For added performance, book an Audi SQ7 or Audi SQ8 in Modena.

Explore Venice with an Audi R8

If you are dreaming of a truly thrilling driving experience, we highly recommend you to rent an Audi R8. This 2 seater super-sports car, either available as a coupe or spyder, is powered by a mighty V10 engine that provides just the right noise. The cabin is spacious while keep a sense of intimacy. A pleasure of the eyes equalled by a pleasure of the senses. 

The Audi RS6, a luxury estate Wagon with a seating for 5 people, is the perfect blend of comfort and performance. If you are planning a family trip, rent an Audi RS6 from Modena and enjoy the best drive wherever your final destination in Italy. 

Venice is a unique city that is explored on the water. Set sail with a gondolier along the Grand Canal. Enjoy the scenes of old buildings that line the waterways and sail past the Palazzo Barberino and the Peggy Guggenheim Collection museum. As evening sets you will be awed by the serenades that you hear coming from passing gondolas as they sail leisurely along the waterways. Spend the night at the luxurious 5-star Hotel Danieli, overlooking the lagoon.

A classy Audi Q7

After a scrumptious breakfast, you are ready to head into the countryside to explore northern Italy. Our Meet and Greet Team will deliver your stylish Audi Q7 to your hotel. This magnificent luxury SUV is powered by a 6.0-Litre V12 engine. The driver is wowed by the cutting-edge Driver Assist features which include Active Lane Assist, Side Assist, Cruise Control and Night Vision Assist for dark roads. Passengers have ample space and relax in the luxurious cabin, finished in plush Alcantara leather. Four-Zone Climate Control and BOSE Sound Systems will ensure they remain comfortable and entertained on a long drive. The driver will enjoy the all-wheel drive and can choose to cruise in Efficiency Mode or ramp it up with a burst of speed in Dynamic Mode.

Your first stop is the city of Padua, about 45 minutes away along the A13. Stop and visit the Piazza dei Signori, a scenic square with an iconic clock tower. If you are travelling with children you cannot miss the Butterfly House and Fairy Wood Butterfly Arc. This beautiful park has a tropical butterfly house with expert lectures and a delightful woodland trail filled with fairy statues.

Continue your road trip to Bologna

The next leg of your trip is around 120 km and is a scenic drive to the city of Bologna. Bologna is a charming ancient city filled with Medieval style architecture. It is also the heart of the Italian food lovers dream, setting the scene for world class produce and speciality dishes that are copied the world over.

Visit the Basilica di San Petronio, a huge Gothic church with 22 chapels. Drive to the famous Fountain of Neptune, located in the Piazza del Nettuno. This massive bronze figure of Neptune, God of the Sea, was created in 1567 and stands in the water, surrounded by beautiful mermaids, spurting out water.

Car enthusiasts must stop in at the Museo Ducati. It has an amazing collection of racing motorcycles, equipment and rare racing memorabilia. Join a guided tour to learn more about this world famous brand. Time for a bite and Il Moro is the restaurant of choice. Children will love the pizza and the adults can enjoy the signature fresh sea beam baked in salt.

Ferrari History in Modena

After lunch, drive to Modena in the heart of the Italian Motor Valley.
Stop at the famous Museo Casa Ferrari. This futuristic building can be spotted by the iconic yellow colour that defines the background of the Prancing Horse logo. Learn all about Enzo Ferrari and his passion for cars. Exhibitions cover the history and modern times of this famous brand. You can walk through Enzo’s house and see some of the rooms. Then it is off to see the cars in the 2500 square metre pavilion. A spectacular audio-visual show that uses 19 projectors will delight the family as you get immersed in the story.

Drive to Maranello

Maranello is a half hour’s drive from Modena and here you will find the renowned Ferrari Maranello Museum. See the special exhibition called Ferraristi Forever. It is a tribute to the Formula 1 drivers who have won at least one race on the world’s racing circuits when driving Ferrari cars.

Your next stop is the Ferrari Factory where you will be awed by the massive Stainless Steel Steel silver Prancing Horse Monument at the entrance. The status stands 5m tall and weighs 800 kilos. Make sure you snap some photos to show off at home.

Spend the night at the fabulous Hotel Vittorio Veneto 25, a 20th century villa set amongst tall trees in a tranquil street. Drive back to Venice the next day in your Audi Q7rental.  

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