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Milan to Modena in a Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster

By Scott Jawns

Car lovers will find that northern Italy is filled with iconic museums, showrooms and exhibitions of cars. This is the birthplace of Lamborghini, Ferrari and Maserati.

If you are visiting Milan on a vacation, plan a day trip to Modena and get a taste of these amazing venues. Your journey is a trip of around 180 km through the scenic landscape of northern Italy. Rent a Lamborghini Aventador Roadster – the perfect car to show off your outgoing personality and upmarket lifestyle.

Fabulous Aventador Roadster

Seek out the most powerful and adrenaline-pumping sensation that a car can offer! The awe-inspiring Lamborghini Aventador Roadster offers a drop top drive with a blistering fast V12 engine. This model has the most cutting-edge of the range which includes the Lamborghini Dinamica Veicolo Attiva, LDVA. This system provides a unique driving experience with sensors that control the car’s electronic systems in real time.

Step off your plane at Malpensa Airport and head to the VIP lounge. Our Meet and Greet Team will find you there and escort you straight to your car. If you have never driven a Lamborghini before, don’t stress, the Team will ensure that you are up to speed with all the features and technology before they leave you. You can even go for a trial drive to make sure you are totally comfortable.

Drive into Milan

Enjoy your one-hour drive into Milan and get settled into the exclusive Carlton Hotel Baglioni. This 5-star venue is located in the Quadrilatero della moda neighbourhood, an upscale shopping area filled with chic boutiques and cafés. Visit the Palazzo Morando Museum which has a fascinating collection of period costumes.

Have lunch at Pescaria, a favourite with the locals. Try their signature octopus sandwich - lightly fried octopus that is crispy and juicy, served with a rich creamy ricotta cheese.

After lunch, explore the famous landmarks of Milan. Visit the Duomo di Milano, a massive Gothic cathedral that is one of the largest in the world. Learn how it took over 600 years to complete. Drive to the Sforzesco Castle. This Medieval fortress houses art treasures including works by Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo.



Head to the Italian Motor Valley

After a great breakfast in your Hotel, set off in your Lamborghini Aventador Roadster on the A1, south east to Modena. Bask in the luxurious leather fitted cabin, drop the top and feel the heart-stopping speed. This car has the DNA of a racetrack model. Every surface and feature has been designed to aerodynamically increase performance.

Stop in Parma in the beautiful Emilia-Romagna region and show off your exotic car. People are sure to stop and stare. Parma is world famous for prosciutto, Parmesan cheese and Lambrusco wine. Relax at a traditional café and order the special of the day.

Heading to Modena

Continue your drive to Modena, a short distance of around 65 km. When you arrive, your first stop is the unique Musée automobile PANINI. This private Museum was established by Umberto Panini and features an amazing range of rare Maserati cars. See the Maserati 6C 34, driven by the famous Tazio Nuvolari. Also on show is the Maserati A6GCS 53 Berlinetta from 1953, which claimed victory in the Italian Grand Prix. Stroll around and see more than 20 rare models, each with a detailed story – a delight for any car enthusiast.

The Museum is located on a cheese farm and after admiring the cars, you can take a tour and learn all about cheese making and do some tasting under the watchful eye of your guide. The farm also supplies other regional products and there is a small shop where you can buy some treats to take back with you to Milan.

Learn all about the Ferrari brand

Your next stop is the Museo Casa Ferrari, a futuristic complex painted in the iconic yellow colour of the Ferrari horse logo. Learn all about the history and modern times of the famous Ferrari brand. The complex also houses Enzo Ferrari’s 1898 birthplace and you can walk through some of the rooms in the house. On display are exotic cars in a huge 2,500 square metre pavilion. Watch the spectacular audio-visual show that uses 19 projectors – you will be immersed in the life of Enzo Ferrari and his passion for race cars.

Stay overnight in Modena

Spend the night at the secluded Hotel Vittorio Veneto 25. It is an early 20th century villa located in a lovely tree-lined street. Drive back to Milan after breakfast and enjoy the open-air experience in your sensational Lamborghini Aventador Roadster.

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