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Satisfy the spirit

By Nicole Harris

Hire an Audi in Tuscany to explore the wealth of spirituality that is home to this region. Tuscany offers a fascinating account on how humanity has sought to make sense of their life and time on this lonely planet. The warm and comfortable climate of Tuscany, has made it an early home of civilization with remnants dating as far back as 1000 BC. Yet it is the ceremonial rites and spiritual practices of the societies that lived here, that make a tour through this region so entirely captivating.

From Florence Airport Amerigo Vespucci (FLR), hire the Audi A8 the luxury class of Audi vehicles, it has a spell bounding attraction in the way it combines a sporty athleticism with a highly luxurious feel. In the Audi A8 visit the archeological park of Sodo, the home of an Etruscan burial site, many of the funerary ornaments are still intact. The site has brought to light many Etruscan rituals and their beliefs and attitude to life beyond this world. In the Audi A8 L or the S8, two highly luxurious vehicles comprised of intelligent features, make your destination the Convent of Celle. The convent effectively captures the spirituality of its natural surrounds, into its own presence. Built by St. Francesco of Assisi around 1211, it was inhabited by him even after receiving the stigmata. Not far off from here is the church of Santa Maria Nuova, located outside the walls of Cortona, on the Tuscan hills, you can easily appreciate the daily inspiration of the clergy who served here.

Drive your Audi hire in Tuscany, the stillness allows you to hear how the world is still singing.

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