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How do you take your adventure?

By Scott Jawns

‘A’ stands for adventure, it also stands for Audi. The conclusions thus obvious, is rent an Audi from Venice because it’s all about the adventure! For that perfect family holiday where the beaches are clean, away from the crowds and the locals are friendly, spend a day in Eraclea for that long overdue family vacation by the sea.

Hire the Audi RS Q3, a five door off roader, its versatile and compact design lends itself all too well as a family car rental. Eraclea has maintained its fresh clean countryside air and pristine bays, despite its gradual urbanisation. Consistently between 2007 to 2012 Eraclea was awarded the "Blue Flag" status from Italy’s Foundation of Environmental Education due to the cleanliness of its beaches and seawater. Indeed, it is a true pleasure to walk the sandy coast of this city’s shoreline.

From Venice, rent the RS 4 Avant, it is a potent combination of performance and practical functionality. For those seeking a more sporty adventure hire RS 7 Sportback, it drives with precision that comes from utilising cutting edge technology. With a picnic lunch and a bottle of wine in tow, stroll through the nature paths that trickle through the city’s gardens that are quiet and shaded by pinewood trees. As you lay out your picnic rugs on the tree’s soft undergrowth it dawns on you, life does not get better than this.

Rent an Audi from Venice, for in the wise words of Peter Pan “Would you like an adventure now, or should we take our tea first?”

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