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Take a day trip to the Maddalena Archipelago

By Nicole Harris

Take a day trip to the Maddalena Archipelago. This Unesco World Heritage Site offers clear waters, beautiful beaches and a stunning look at natural beauty.

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Relax, think and reflect on your achievements as you cruise the island in a superb Bentley Mulsanne. With a smooth surge of seemingly limitless power, this car demands a superior driver. If you are looking for a spacious luxury SUV, our Mercedes GL-Class offers three rows of seats for seven passengers. Experience the power and classy design that is iconically Mercedes.

Consisting of seven major islands, you can reach this pristine region via a small boat. Maddalena shares the same crystal clear waters and wind blown granite coastlines as Sardinia and is also a haven for wildlife. The islands have held strategic value on shipping routes over the ages, and famous people like Napoleon Bonaparte and Admiral Nelson have historical links with the area. Have lunch at the classy Grand Hotel Ma&Ma, or plan an overnight stay at La Casitta, a small villa on the island.

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