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Marvel at the Giant’s grave of Coddu Vecchiu

By Ethan Hews

Massive and mysterious gravestones are scattered throughout Sardinia. They are giant burial chambers that were built in the 2nd millennium BC. Visit for an awe-inspiring experience.

Luxury car rental in Sardinia gives you a chance to pamper yourself.

Head off to Coddu Vecchiu in a stunning Ferrari 488 GTB. This mid-engined sports car exudes class and style. Red, sleek and recently launched, be one of the first to drive it! Experience our Rolls-Royce Phantom which simply oozes presence and class. The timeless contemporary design will make you re-evaluate your ideas on perfection.

These massive gravestones were built by the Nuragic civilization and to date, 321 such monuments have been discovered. Despite the imaginative name, the sites were not the burial site of any giant. Be awed at the unknown. What are they? Were they mass graves? Were they built to facilitate the journey into the afterlife? Many think there are supernatural powers attached, which has only increased their awesome mysterious appeal. Get back to reality with a delicious meal at Il Pescatore where you can taste superb seafood and fish specialities par excellence.

Self drive holidays are for the smart traveller. Rent a luxury vehicle at Cagliari Airport (CAG) or at Olbia Airport (OLB) to enhance your stay in Sardinia.

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