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Find your treasure in Siena

By Ethan Hews

Craft, food and fine wines, the produce and goods that come out of Siena’s local market is charming and certainly tempting to take back as souvenirs. Rent an Aston Martin in Siena to shop, because the detail in the products are intricate and the standard to perfection is high.

Rent the Aston Martin DB9 for its timeless elegance and yet sporty furtive nature. Siena has a colourful history of craftsmanship that today manifests itself in fine paper, neckties, fabrics, embroidery/tapestry, glazed terracotta and gold jewelry. Many of these are unique productions not seen anywhere else in the world.

Hire the hyper stylish Aston Martin Rapide or the sleek and super fast Vanquish Carbon Edition. In either of these cars cruise through Via di Citta, the main street of Siena, where stores abound that sell leather products of purses and bags. Rest your feet and stop for lunch at the many choice of restaurants that serve the local Tuscan favourites.

Siena is a treasure trove of hand crafted gems and delights of every flavour, colour and texture. Find your treasure in Siena with an Aston Martin rental.

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