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Doing justice to privilege

By Scott Jawns

Oh Verona! Could there be a place for which my soul cries out, like thee? With your luscious greenery, your sensuous waterways and your beauteous facades! What would, …. nay, what could, possibly serve as a companion for the city that nourishes the soul like no other? What could complete perfection? Surely, only the perfect combination of symmetry, power, beauty and form could possibly do justice. Surely, only an Aston Martin hire in Verona could make such a companion of perfection.

Like the great Adige river, Verona, that great city of sonnets, Shakespeare’s muse, rushes and runs with a passion that time cannot dampen. The Piazza bar, that grand amphitheatre, of which only a fragment of its 44 tiers remains, must be the first stop. The sophistication of the Aston Martin DB9, with its plush leather seats, are reminiscent of the 25,000 marble seats that once stood here, the pinnacle of the ancient world.

As you continue through St Zeno, in your Aston Martin Rapide S, the perfect symphony of power and luxury, pause, to ponder. Verona, the city that Julius Caesar rode in his chariot, mud clinging to its’ wheels, the cold stinging his face, tousling his rugged locks. Ponder where man has come, as you sit, cushioned and protected in the bosom of the luxurious Aston Martin Rapide S, with its world class dynamics and innovative design. A fitting tribute to the gods of luxury who will forever live in Verona, the city blessed with their finest handiwork.

There are places to visit, and there are places that it is a privilege to visit. There are cars to drive and there are cars to experience. Hire an Aston Martin in Verona, and do justice to privilege.

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