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Deep within the glitter, the Aston Martin is purring

By Ethan Hews

Rent the Aston Martin in Turin to experience the love of life, culture, art and cuisine. Turin has so much to offer its many guests, it is the perfect place to lose yourself meandering through the maze of the old town streets and alleyways, past the boutique shops and into the gelato parlors. Under the warm italian sun and in the view of the distant Alpine ranges, Turin is home to your sense of wonder and enjoyment.

From Turin Caselle Airport (TRN) rent the Aston Martin DB9, aggressive, cool and intelligent, it is the car to be seen driving as you outpace the flow of traffic on the web of roads that lead to the heartbeat of inner city Turin. The DB9, timeless and elegant, like the city, it will transport you to a world of boundless luxury. Stroll the DB9 through Piazza Vittorio, featuring the most fashionable bars and clubs, the glitterati from all around the world, can be spotted, coming out to make their shine noticed.

Our Aston Martin hire selection is exciting in the range of cars available, in varying V8 and V12 engines, convertibles and coupes, have the Aston that suits you best delivered to your luxury hotel. For a night out on the town, hire the Aston Martin Vanquish and head towards the Po riverfront. Found within this precinct is the Murazzi quays, hosting several bars and nightclubs, that will keep you dancing until the early hours of the morning.

Deep in the heart of this city’s vibrant night life welcome the rays of a new day with your Turin Aston Martin hire.

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