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Value a moment before it becomes memory

By Ethan Hews

There are so many good reasons to travel the web of highways that meander through this beautiful region. Truly the perfect location for a road trip, hire an Aston Martin in Tuscany to see why this part of the world, leaves an imprint in one’s mind, well after having arrived back home.

The Aston Martin may well be the most predisposed luxury vehicle to explore this stunning cross of countryside, for the AM is designed with pure sophistication in mind, testament to the aesthetic pinnacles of the automotive industry. From Pisa Airport rent the V8 Vantage S built on the back of race bred dynamism, it’s fast and hits the mark with perfect precision. Explore the ancient artistic relics found in Lucca and then in Massa, a fascinating depiction on how life and death was internalised and understood by humanity’s forbearers.

Hire the Aston Martin DBS, this iconic model made waves when its earliest edition first came out in 1967 for its adventurous style and new technological advancements. In the DBS visit the vineyards of Cortona, situated in perfect climatic conditions for growing grapes, the region produces an excellent quality of red, white and sweet wines. Try the variants of 56 labels from the 28 different wineries.

The V8 Vantage S Roadster, which just looks so good on the highway, should really be taken for a thorough spin in order to do this car justice. Go up towards the mountain for the best scenic views and hiking trails, or down low towards the sea coast and islands to soak in the summer’s warmth. Tuscany in an Aston Martin hire makes a permanent imprint on the hallmarks of your memory.

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