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The Lamborghini, bespoke and passionate

By Ethan Hews

Turin has an exciting and lively nightlife, bars and clubs can be discovered with all genres of live music, poetry readings, theatre performances, open-air concerts during the summer festivals, underground electronic parties and a Spanish style movida in the streets of the city centre and in Valentino Park on the blooming of spring time. Rent a Lamborghini in this fabulous Italian city and experience it all.

The Gallardo LP 560-4 is available for rent in the coupe and the Spyder, during the warm summer nights we recommend a spin in the spyder. Delivered to you during your stay at the exclusive Golden Palace of Turin. This hotel is resplendent in its name as it is in its nature. Let the Gallardo spyder prowl through the roads as it seeks out the hype and the buzz of drama. Stop by Dora Music Garden that has creativity in its vibe, spilling over in its cocktail drinks and hors d’oeuvres. Continue on to Cafe Procope, located in an underground basement, ‘nightclub’ is the more accurate label for this great destination with its grunge atmosphere and dance parties.

The Lamborghini Aventador is widely admired for its aerodynamic design and super fast speeds, all easily achievable with its pumped up V12 engine. Pay homage to the gods of great music in your rented Lamborghini Aventador and visit Hiroshima mon amour. Born to raise the music profile of Turin to that of a true cosmopolitan city, they play local and international artists from varied and mixed genres. Hiroshima is Turin’s temple of music.

Turin’s night life is wild, uninhibited and passionate, uncover the best of it in your Turin Lamborghini rental.

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