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A Maserati for Turin’s royalty

By Nicole Harris

Regal and aristocratic the city of Turin has a past marked by Italy’s Royal House of Savoy. In the heyday of its time the House of Savoy made their home in Turin, building its grand palaces in the city’s center. The family led the nation as an exemplary model in the hautecouture of fashion, jewellery, cuisine and art to name just a few. In the exemplary automotive design of the Maserati rental in Turin, relive the city’s regal past.

The engineering quality of the Quattroporte GTS rental is extraordinary, its design no less impressive. Since 1963, The famous Italian luxury marque has endeavoured to undertake the immense challenge of combining sporty performance with a classical elegance. The endeavour has been well worth the effort, in the exemplary achievement of the Quattroporte GTS. Once behind the wheel make your destination the Castello del Valentino, the Savoy Royal Palace. Built in the Baroque architecture of the 17th century, the castle is framed into a horseshoe shape surrounded by marble courts and manicured gardens. The façade showcases a huge coat of arms of the House of Savoy, reminding its many guest the grandeur of whom they behold.

The GranTurismo Sport is no less inspiring. An exceptionally stylish coupe, finally tuned and technologically refined, it’s handling is smooth and its drive is remarkable. Have the Maserati GranTurismo delivered to you at Turin Caselle Airport (TRN) or request our elite ‘meet and greet’ service for delivery at any location in Turin. Make your stay at the exclusive Hotel President, be it modern day republic or royal past, Turanians still have the purview in the world of luxury.

Rent a Maserati in Turin, for all its classical and majestic elegance it will remind you of the luxury that you deserve.

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