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The life of luxury

By Scott Jawns

There is only one life truly worth living, and that is a life of luxury. A modern and vibrant modern day city that has emerged from a history rich in culture and sophistication Turin offers its guests many avenues to experience and live the luxury lifestyle.

Bedazzle the senses as you wander through the numerous art galleries, restaurants, churches, palaces, opera houses, piazzas, parks, gardens, theatres, libraries and museums. A long list, so do it all in a luxury car hire from Turin.

Feel Special with a BMW

Rent the prestigious BMW M5, the sports sedan for the ultimate high performance executive car. Well within the concept of the blue and white rundle, this car delivers on a luxury drive.

Drive up Via Roma to reach the Piazza Castello the heart of the city, it is home to some of its most significant buildings, such as Palazzo Reale (Former Savoy Royal House) and the Palazzo Madama (former location of the senate).

Be inspired by power and make things happen in your BMW.




Choose a Bentley or Mercedes

A Bentley Continental GT or a Mercedes S-Class are two top models for all those looking for a prestigious yet fun ride. The plush and spacious interior together with a quiet and fast drive is the perfect combination for an impeccable drive in and around Turin.  

....Or a Sporty Ferrari

The Ferrari Portofino is a beautiful convertible GT with a hard roof. Lighter than her predecessor the Ferrari California, the 2+2 Porfotofino is the perfect sports convertible hire to transport the mind from the mundane and pragmatic world to a realm of possibility, where achievement is in grasp and ambition makes it all happen. Have the Ferrari delivered to you at Turin Caselle Airport and speed the highways that lead into the city, make your stay at the Grand Hotel Sitea that offers a seamless interface between luxury and elegance in the heart of Turin's romantic city.

Rent a luxury car in Turin from your favorite car brand and enjoy an exhilarating drive through the Plazas and Piazzas of old town Turin. Make a statement of modernity amongst the historic setting of Piazza Carlo Felice bringing elegance and dynamism enmeshed into one. The only life worth living is with a luxury rental in Turin.

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