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Turin and the Piedmont Region

By Ethan Hews

Collect your Luxury Van Rental in Turin and set off for a fabulous relaxed day trip into the countryside. Head to Rivoli, a pretty town a short 14km away. Visit the famous Castle of Rivoli, one of the Savoy Residences. It dates from the 9th century and houses a museum of contemporary art.

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Among our top luxury vans for hire, let us recommend you the Mercedes V-Class, a large luxury van that can sit up to 8 or 9 adults or the Mercedes Vito, an excellent rental option if you are planning a business trip. 

Take the wheel of your rented Mercedes V-Class and drive to the magnificent Sacra di San Michele, high up on Mount Pirchiriano. This stunning religious complex dates back to ancient times and inspired a book called 'The Name of the Rose'. Look down on the little villages of Avigliana and Chiusa di San Michele for a picture-perfect view.

After your historic experience, some wine tasting is the order of the day! This region is known for iconic estates like Barbera, Barbaresco and the coveted Barolo. Visit the towns of Barolo and Alba, take a guided tour, learn how wine is made and sample some of the local offerings. Alba is famous for its white truffles and a meal at a local tavern cannot be missed.

Dotted around Turin are the majestic Savoy Residences and hunting reserves. There are 15 magnificent castles and villas to visit, all classified as Unesco World Heritage sites. Drive from one to the other and soak up the panoramic scenery. Visit the Rivoli Castle and the Stupinigi Hunting Pavilion, between the town of Orbassano and Nichelino. Relax in the beautiful La Mandria Park, now a natural protected reserve.

Head back to the city for dinner at the exclusive Ristorante Del Cambio, Set in the beautiful Piazza Carignano, it serves traditional Piemontese delicacies.

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