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Let the good times roll in Jesolo

By Scott Jawns

From Venice Airport rent a luxury car to travel to Jesolo. A popular coastal town, it has one of the longest stretches of sandy beach that winds along the Northern Italian shoreline for over 13 km. With a great variety of luxury hotels, boutique shops and snappy attractions, Jesolo makes a great destination for a luxury car hire.

Mercedes or Bentley?

To enjoy the highest levels of comfort and safety, hire the prestigious Mercedes S-Class from Venice or if you wish to stand out of the crowd, rent a Bentley Continental GT. Time your stay in this seaside town with the Jesolo Air Show. Taking place in the last week of August it is a fantastic spectacle. Planes of different makes and models from luxury jets, search and rescue helicopters and fighter planes all have a presence. Be enthralled as the planes make terrifying sounds as they fly over head, doing dare devilish moves and hair-pin bends as they course through the sky. Whilst there, visit the nearby Frecce Tricolori, Italy’s acrobatic flight-team to learn the many tricks behind the trade.

Sporty Mood? 

If you would rather drive a sports car, we can offer you a very wide range from the top car brands. For the Porsche fans, we strongly advise them to rent a Porsche 911 Turbo or maybe a Porsche 718 Boxster for a romantic twosome ride.

Hire the luxury Mercedes C63 AMG, a super sporty coupe or a Maserati GranCabrio, if you fancy a large convertible for four adults. 

Drive with your rented Porsche 11 Turbo to Jesolo, a fascinating marine city that is divided into two parts; Jesolo Centro locally known as “Paese” is 3 km from the sea, as it lies on the banks of the River Sile and the Cavetta canal. In the CLS class hire head out towards the valleys of the Venetian Lagoon that gradually welcome you into the countryside. The other part, Jesolo Lido, is the more trendy and cultural beach town. The famous Terrazza Mare Teatro Bar is located here, the heart of Jesolo’s summer nightlife.

Let the good times roll, hire a luxury car in Venice and let the Champagne spill in Jesolo.

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