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A city afloat

By Scott Jawns

Venice, a city of wonder and imagination is a city of marble palaces situated on a lagoon. Venice is a series of 118 small islands clustered together in a series of intricate pathways and bridges. Rent a cabriolet in Venice to head out of the city and into wider Vineto, the region is filled with a mesmerising culture peppered with historical and artistic sites.

From Venice Airport, find your accommodation within the city of Venice itself, romantic and enchanting there are many truly exquisite hotels that do well to call home, if only for a short time. Choose from Hotel Royal San Marco, Hotel Ali Reali or Hotel Rialto, each of these hotels are located in the heart of the city, allowing you prime opportunity to soak up all the culture on the city’s streets and piazzas. All are elegantly interior decorated utilising expensive materials and furnishings.

On the outskirts of Venice have the Cabriolet of your choice delivered to you. For a time of thorough entertainment and the thrill of speed, choose the Ferrari 458 Italia Spider, extend this to a celebration of all things Italian and pick the seductive and highly enticing Maserati GranCabrio. Yet in the mood of something exotic and exciting hire the Porsche Boxster, its character on the road is evident wherever you may choose to travel.

Hire a Porsche from Venice and drive away spell bound by the romance found within this city.

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