Rent Supercars in Venice, Italy

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Explore Mestre

By Nicole Harris

In just a short drive from Venice hire a supercar to visit Mestre. There are Piazza’s that have a great outdoor cafe vibe, whilst the shopping is high end and very exclusive touting the latest styles from Milan. With concerts playing and colourful festivities on offer, Mestre is a treasure trove to be fully unpacked.

Rent the SSC Ultimate Aero to discover the sheer fun of driving a supercar. Navigate your way around this city’s sights to eventually discover Piazza Ferretto, one of the main Piazza’s in Mestre. There is an inviting mood to be found here, the locals gather in its center where laughter, chatting, eating and drinking seem to be order of the day. All activities are presided over by the watchtower at the top of the piazza, a historical symbol that continues to observe the happenings of this city’s town folk.

Hire the classically elegant Jaguar F type, or the audaciously fast Lamborghini LP 560-4 Spyder. Both make two very distinctive luxury cars, that will certainly imprint a good impression wherever you go. Attend an outdoor concert in the Parco San Giuliano, the park offers beautiful scenery and remarkable views of Venice lagoon. For those wanting to pursue the adrenalin rush instigated by their supercar, visit the Parco Bissuola for the excellent sporting facilities.

Exotic and exciting, rent a Supercar from Venice and follow the trail of road that snakes along the canal and into the city’s center.

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