Rent Aston Martin at Palma Airport

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Keep your energy pumping in an AM

By Nicole Harris

With the trendy jet set guests floating through, the island of Mallorca has crafted the art of putting on a good time.

Rent an Aston Martin from Palma Airport to drive through the promenades, have a long dinner at the chic restaurants offering a fabulous fair of Mediterranean food, go shopping or explore the multicultural history. An Aston Martin hire offers the sleek and perfect set of wheels to go and see it all.

Drive an Aston Martin Vantage

Consider the rental of an Aston Martin Vantage, for the thrill of pure sporting enthusiasm or the Aston Martin Vanquish Volante for its ability to seamlessly bring together power and beauty as a striking convertible. After all the day’s activity, bring it to a climax at Pacha Mallorca in the Calvia district. World famous for its wild reputation, it will keep your energy pumping in its dynamic atmosphere. A hyper stylish nightclub, get a VIP treatment pass to really rock out the party.

Top Aston Martin GT Cars

In the iconic Aston Martin DB9, take a day to tour the La Llotja, located in Palma it is an eccentric building, possessing a lot of character. Somewhat of a cross between a medieval castle and a church, it was constructed in the 15th century by Guillem Sagrera at a time when Majorca was the main maritime trading centre. Today it is a popular site for tourists, still maintaining its unique presence, it is used as a cultural centre, hosting many temporary exhibitions.

For added performance and higher top-speed choose an Aston Martin DB11, an exotic supercar with a striking exterior design. 

With an Aston Martin rental from Palma Airport hit the highlights of Mallorca because your duty bound to party!

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