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Be free, just like the sea

By Ethan Hews

With a great diversity of landscape and culture, Palma de Mallorca’s stunning coastline is a major tourist destination. Hire a Porsche in Palma Airport with our VIP ‘meet and greet’ service and start a journey through the areas most beautiful beaches.

Enjoy a perfect day out aboard the top-class Porsche Boxster cabriolet as you cruise along the coast towards the beautiful cove of Cala d'Or. Admire the turquoise water and stunning views and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.

Follow the mountain road on your Porsche 911 Carrera S as it drops downwards towards the white sandy beach and crystal clear waters of Formentor, a pristine cove surrounded by a wild grove of dark green pine and oak trees.

With white sand, turquoise shallow waters and plenty of leisure activities, the beaches at Alcudia are ideal for the whole family to enjoy. Besides gorgeous beaches, Alcudia has a well preserved historical and cultural heritage that include the ruins of the Roman city of Pollentia. Test the power and performance of the Porsche 911 GT3 as you make your way to combine history with a perfect tan.

Constantly sieged by pirates throughout history, the beach at Santayí is today a haven of tranquility. Hire a Porsche from Palma Airport and watch the sun set over the beautiful Mediterranean sea.

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