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Life is better at the lake

By Nicole Harris

Life is always better at the lake. Hair gets lighter, skin gets darker, the water gets warmer and the drinks get colder. Hire a 4X4 in Lake Como and explore Italy’s most popular lake.

Drive between snow-capped mountains, green forests and hill-perched villages on the Range Rover Vogue. Superbly balancing refinement and capability, the Vogue is the ultimate luxury SUV. With Adaptive Dynamics for effortless handling and a more comfortable ride, a suite of intuitive technologies, a long wheelbase that allows for additional passenger space, distinctive exterior detailing and a paramount dedication travel comfort, your arrival at Lake Como will certainly turn heads.

For the lover of the extreme, drive the powerful BMW X5 to the Lake and enjoy boating, windsurfing, sailing and other water activities. The mid-size 4X4 SUV offers 7 seats, making the X5 an excellent companion for a hiking trip, mountain biking or paragliding adventure for the whole family.

After the sun sets, enjoy a mouthwatering italian fare. Italians place food and drink at the very heart of their life and Lake Como is home to a variety of world-class restaurants where you can enjoy some of the finest Italian cuisine. Choose from a list of fabulous Michelin starred restaurants, rustic Italian eateries and sleek bistros.

Be amazed by the spectacular scenery, dine on sumptuous Italian food and drive a 4X4 car hire in Lake Como to enjoy the holiday you deserve.

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