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Spend a day in La Spezia

By Brittany Nue

Drive from Genoa to La Spezia in a high-class Mercedes S Class

The drive from Genoa to the sea port of La Spezia is around 100km and will take about one and a half hours. It is a great trip to take slowly and soak up the stunning scenery of northern Italy. Get out of Genoa for a day and explore this ancient city with its rich and fascinating maritime history. Your trip takes you through Rapallo on the Italian Riviera coastline, near to the beautiful Portofino Protected Marine Area.

Don't dream about driving an exotic car, make it happen! We have an extensive range of luxury vehicles and are able to guarantee any specific model you desire. There will never be any unpleasant surprises - book the car of your desires and we will deliver it to you. On the top of our list for a stylish and comfortable family vacation is the magnificent Mercedes S-Class, a full-size luxury sedan offering four doors and seating for five people. This prestigious car is powered by a 4.6-Litre V8 engine and reaches top speeds of 249km/h.

We will deliver your Mercedes S-Class anywhere

Step off your flight at Aeroporto di Genova and head to the Genova Lounge where you can enjoy a coffee and a plate of biscotti while you catch up on your emails. Our Meet and Greet Team will find you there and escort you to your car. You will never have to spend time hunting for a car rental outlet or stand in queues, we come to you.

If you prefer to travel with the concierge service to your luxury hotel, we can create a sensation when our driver arrives at the front entrance in your stylish Mercedes S-Class.

Drive to Rapallo for a late breakfast

Get the family settled into your luxury sedan and set off along the A12 to Rapallo. It is a scenic drive of around 28km. When you get there, stop at the Canepa Coffee Pastry 1862 Rapallo and enjoy a traditional Italian breakfast. 

Your Mercedes S Class is the flagship model of the renowned German car manufacturer and oozes style and grace, with elegant lines and a distinctive character. It teases your senses with its unique ENERGIZING system which offers comfort control, ambient colours, scents and seat massages. Cutting-edge Driver Assist Features put you at ease as they intelligently determine the best roads and routes. The cabin offers a lounge-style ambience with quality sound and Infotainment Systems.

In Rapallo you will find the Rapallo Castle, a small, picturesque castle that was built to guard against pirate attacks. Stroll around the Historical Centre and admire the picture-perfect painted buildings. For a bird’s eye-view, take a spectacular ride up the hill to Montallegro on the funivia. It is 2349 meters long and ascends 600m to give you panoramic views of the gulf and the hills. At the top you can visit the Sanctuary of Montallegro.

Continue your drive to La Spezia

The next leg of your road trip is under an hour along the scenic A12 to La Spezia, a famous Port city known for its harbour. It has its roots in the ancient Roman era and is a popular docking port for luxury cruise liners.

Start your exploration at the Waterfront where you have fabulous views of the harbour and the ships. Then set off to visit the 1800s maritime arsenal and the Technical Naval Museum. Sea lovers will be awed by the ship models, diving suits, control panels from battle ships and navigational instruments. Enjoy a drive to see a famous landmark of La Spezia – the San Giorgio Castle. It was constructed in the 13th century and was part of the defensive fortification network. Drive along the winding Via XXVII Marzo and you will see a section of the original wall that arches over the road.

Visit the village of Biassa

A short distance from the centre of La Spezia is the tiny village of Biassa, with just 650 inhabitants. This is a great place to see local life and remains a sanctuary that is untouched by the modern world. Biassa offers fantastic views of the surrounding countryside and the ruins of the unfinished Coderone Castle.

Visit the colourful village of Riomaggiore 

Not far from La Spezia is the dramatic setting of Cinque Terre – a cluster of five villages perched on the steep cliff sides. Stop in the quaint village of Riomaggiore and enjoy dinner at Rio Bistrot overlooking the picture-perfect bay with moored boats. Try the spaghetti with almonds and squid! Drive back to Genoa after dinner and enjoy the sight of the ocean sparkling under the stars. 

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