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For a prestige car to meet the occasion

By Ethan Hews

Hire a prestige car in Tuscany, not merely because of their regal and aristocratic nature that blends so well into the medieval old cities of Florence, Siena and Pisa or even because they have been crafted with the finest attention to detail that ensures a purely pleasurable drive. Rent a Prestige car in Tuscany, as it is the only true way to meet this region’s austere elegance with your dynamically modern prestige vehicle.

Rent the Lexus LFA for the way it redefines the executive car to a new sphere of technologically enhanced dynamics. In the Lexus LFA drive through the Tuscan countryside to discover the ancient symbols and religious relics used by the Etruscans. A fascinating ancient civilization who glorified the funeral ceremony with elaborate and exquisite funerary objects that to this day are still being excavated, and shed light on this era clouded in mystery.

From Florence Airport hire the Aston Martin Rapide, for an exclusive 4 door, 4 seat, high performance executive sedan. The perfect vehicle to explore the Roman relics and monumental sculptures, still standing testament to the importance and legacy of the Roman Empire.

For a touch of refinement and elegance hire the Bentley Azure T to discover the full artistic reawakening that coloured Tuscany during the Medieval and Renaissance periods. Whilst the rest of Europe remained deep in a cultural slumber, the Province of Tuscany was thriving in the creation of their artistic masterpieces. The artisan skills of painting, sculpturing and architecture, formed the masterpieces, that today entice visitors from all over the world into its museums churches, and galleries. Rent a Prestige car in Tuscany to explore them all.

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